The ducks nuts of pluggetry!
These pluggas rule the school. No busters. Squishy as a bubbalo-bill in the sun. Sweet colours and awesome Aussie peeps behind the whole show. Winning all round. Get some up ya. - Bess O (from


Wonderful Choice!
I got my first pair of Boomerangz in April '19 and just had my first strap breakage this week in Feb '21. Was so great to be able to go to the cupboard and immediately replace the straps with the spares I had floating around and go back to using my thongs in just 10 minutes. Would have been off to the bin for them in the past but not now. Very comfortable and stylish product and their genius design makes all the difference.


6 out of 8 mates!
Phenomenal footwear. 6 out of 8 of our mates wear Boomerangz, (the other 2 wear Crocs). - Shane W


Game Changing Design!
Just thought I would say 'Hi' and congratulate you all on such an awesome product, this will be my second pair of these amazing flip flops, my first pair I purchased several years ago and was only yesterday that I had to replace my straps, hats off to you for the game changing design. I have had other expensive well known brands and they have broken within a few months of purchase and were unable to get replacement straps for them not to mention uncomfortable. I can't wait for my new ones to arrive, I have also purchased a pair for my missus so I will keep you informed on what she thinks about them. Once again congrats on your product. - Brad F


Proud Aussie!
I'm proud to support an Aussie business like Boomerangz. A brilliant and much needed upgrade on our national footwear. Look and feel great. Solid thongs! –  BJ


Finally, an earth friendly flip flop!
We love the fact that your thongs are made without harm to animals, made with natural rubber and designed to be re-used over and over again by replacing the straps (which can also be recycled) and they biodegrade quickly once we're done with them. Finally, an earth friendly flip flop. Thank you –  Nic


Quality build!
A quality build but a little too narrow for my foot. Caused the strap to rub on top of my toe because it was too tight. Disappointed but will try the next size up. –  Miles


3 years strong!

My rangz have lasted me 3 years and still going. What more can you ask?! They're well worn on the bottom and I had to replace one of the straps but that was so easy to do. Best $30 I've ever spent –  Scott


So Good!
Your thongs are honestly so good.. What a great idea! It's great to see your environmental awareness and transparency too. –  Samantha


Awesome thongs by the way. Best I have ever had – Michael


They’re the best ones I’ve ever owned!
5 stars from me. I’ve been ordering a new pair of thongs every year since 2017 cause they’re the best ones I’ve ever owned. I had one blow out a couple of years ago and I had new straps sent to me free of charge straight away. Bloody great service and bloody great thongs. Well done Boomerangz. – Nigel


Excellent products and outstanding service. Great job Boomerangz!!! – Jo


Best thongs on the market!
Had my Boomerangz for a few years now, best thongs on the market by a mile, on one occasion, the straps have broken and they were promptly replaced without a problem. I’ve had other big name brands before and only got a couple of months out of them before the sole wore through or straps broke where as these soles are still going strong (and bloody comfortable)…. I highly recommend these to everyone, especially for those who are hard on their footwear as they have with-stood some heavy lifting under me! Cheers. – Chris


I LOVE Them!
My thongs are still doing great after 12 months, but I WANT an upgrade haha.. I LOVE them. So happy with the design of them. – Rebecca


Simply THE Best!
This is the second time I have purchased the Boomerangz Thongs and they are simply THE best and longest lasting footwear I have owned! – David


These thongs feel really strong and sturdy and I love the fact that if the strap ever breaks I can slip a new one in. Genius! – Cran - (Originally posted on


The Best Thongs!
Great thongs, quick delivery and excellent service. I have since gone back and bought more of them. – Gerry (Originally posted on


Free replacement straps? No more blowouts? Yes please!! Awesome product. Awesome service. – Shaun


Feel the love!
Love your company, love your product, love your service and will be recommending you to every man, woman and child within my acquaintance. Keep up the good work. – Alison


Very Happy!
Very happy with the feel and comfort of my new thongs and the ease of changing the straps. I am now looking forward to buying another pair soon. – Jim


Daniel Hagean – Retailer
We found that our customers loved these thongs and the initial order sold out in no time, so we ordered more with no hassles at all and have never looked back. They are by far our best selling thong and our customers love them. The ladies enjoy the versatility of interchangeable straps to mix and match. We find Boomerangz is always easily contactable and ordering or topping up stock to be a simple process. We have been allowed exclusivity of their products in our area which has been awesome for business. We enjoy a great working relationship with the Boomerangz team and look forward to the new product being on our shelves in spring ready for all the warm weather.


Brad Booth – Retailer
I have been stocking Boomerangz in my store for several Summers now and they continue to sell well. They are continually improving their products, building their brand following and I’m always seeing them in the newspaper or on TV! Most importantly, they keep in constant contact and ask us for our feedback and any complaints or recommendations from our customers. The interchangeable thongs have become a product that we like to push as we know our customers will be satisfied with their purchase and come back for more.


Brad Yuen – Happy Crowd Funding Contributor
As one of many backers I’m very much appreciative to see the transparency and excellent communication you provide all of us. Keep up the good work and I wish your company all the best as there definitely is a market for flip flops like these which no one has ever seen.


Peter Tilbrook – Happy Online Customer
Thongs received yesterday. Top quality product and excellently packaged. Should be a worldwide marketing success.


Christine Delucchi – Happy Online Customer 
I absolutely LOVE your thongs! I bought a pair in October and wear them easily 5-6 hours a day doing all sorts of farm work and have never had a blowout. I am ready to get myself another new pair!


Scott Jennings – Happy Online Customer
If you want a great pair of thongs for the Summer you can’t go past these bad boys. No more blow-outs. Great Aussie company.